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    Our process is designed to create durable financial strategies that help you meet your goals. Every client is unique, with different experiences, needs and expectations. No one knows this better than Transcend.


    Our financial planning specialists comprehensively analyze your financial situation. They consider legal, tax, pension, as well as inheritance issues. They will also review your assets, liabilities, income and expenses, cash flows and net worth. We respect your long and short term goals and give you options to plan for financial security.

  • Investment Consulting

    During our consultation process, a Portfolio Manager from Provisus Wealth Management Limited will discuss investment solutions that meet the wealth accumulation requirements and long term objectives established in your financial plan. An investment plan is the foundation on which your assets will be invested and guides all investment decisions.

  • Monitoring & Support

    A financial plan is only effective if followed. Your investments will be actively managed and will react dynamically to changes in market conditions and tax environments. At the same time, your investment and risk guidelines will be regularly monitored using the most modern asset management technology.

Our Financial Plans

Depending upon the level of comprehensive planning and coaching needed, Transcend can accommodate your diverse requirements. Our plans come in three levels based on your finance and investment needs, each including all the benefits of Transcend.


Minimum Equity Portfolio Size: $50,000 (within two accounts)

Example: an RRSP account with $40,000 and a TFSA with $10,000

Account Types Available: Open, Joint, RRSP, SpRSP, LIRA and TFSA

Fund Type: Corporate Class Pooled Funds

Funds: Canadian, U.S. and International Equities

Fund-of-Funds: North American, Total and Global Equities

Administration Fee: 0.25% of Assets under Management (AUM)

+ Trading Costs ($0)

+ Custodial Charges ($0)

+ Annual Fees ($0)

+ Management Expense Ratio (0.0%)

Performance Fees: 20% of the quarterly excess return relative to the benchmark

Bonds: ETFs - 2 to 4 holdings

Bond ETF Portfolio Administration Fee: 0.60% (no performance fees)

Imbedded MER of ETFs in Bond Portfolio: 0.20% to 0.30%

Performance fees are charged quarterly in arrears based on the month end closing market value. If an investor purchases or sells shares during a calendar quarter, the performance fee will be calculated for the period invested. The following is an example of how the quarterly performance fee is calculated:

  Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Corporate Class Fund return (incl. dividends) +4.1% -2.6% +2.7%
Total Return Benchmark (incl. dividends) +1.6% -5.6% +3.0%
Corporate Class Fund relative outperformance +2.5% +3.0% -0.3%
20% of outperformance paid to manager +0.5% +0.6% 0.0%

Transcend is different in that we recognize it is your money. We have no sales commissions or hidden fees. Your fees may be tax deductible for taxable investment accounts and your assets are covered by Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) insurance.


  • A core, goals-based financial plan tailored for your unique requirements

  • Investment management services from Provisus

  • Personalized investment policy and portfolio construction by Provisus

  • Financial account aggregation which displays your consolidated financial picture

  • Monitoring of portfolios vs. investment policy

  • 24/7 online access to your portfolios

  • Provisus' investment management fees are based upon value added returns


A Personal Financial Plan: you are provided with a core financial plan

Private Client Benefits: through Provisus Wealth Management you will be provided with a highly personalized investment plan and comprehensive wealth planning, tailored around your unique financial goals

Low Fees: we offer a very low basic fee structure, where final fees are based upon success delivered

Tax Efficiency: we consider your tax deferred and taxable accounts, placing each security in the most advantageous accounts where possible

Commitment to Superior Returns: portfolios are designed by Provisus to achieve optimal returns at every level of risk

Aligning Interests: you get a straightforward and clear fee structure based on the level of service you are seeking, while working with advisors that are compelled to act in your best interest


  • Core financial plan
  • Fees based on Pay-for-Performance
  • Tax efficiency
  • Commitment to superior returns


Transcend Direct, plus:

  • Customized financial plan
  • Net worth tracking analysis
  • Monitoring progress
  • Expense summary
  • Retirement preparation analysis
  • Private client benefits
  • Annual review with a financial planner
  • Plus Service Fees: 0.50%


Includes Direct & Plus, plus:

  • Comprehensive financial plan
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement preparation
  • Sophisticated tax strategies
  • Philanthropy support
  • Multi-generational guidance
  • Insurance support
  • Semi-annual review
  • Optimum Service Fees: 1.0%


Whatever your situation and ambitions, Transcend tailors its services to meet your requirements. As your priorities change, so will the composition of the team that looks after your financial affairs. Please see our full range of services below.


Don’t Take Chances with Your Family’s Future

Using multiple portfolio managers, we significantly reduce risk by approaching diversification from many angles and on deeper level. We go even further by creating optimal asset allocations for your particular requirements rather than a pool of investors.

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Protect Your Loved Ones.

Well designed insurance solutions help manage the losses that can arise as a result of life's unforeseen events. Transcend can arrange for a licensed broker to work with you to evaluate your needs and recommend an appropriate strategy to protect you and your family.

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Tax Strategies

Smooth Transitions for Your Business

You have worked hard to establish and grow your business. Transcend can help you to extend your legacy to future generations. Early preparation and honest conversations will set the groundwork for a smooth transition of your business.

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Retirement preparation

Enjoy Your Retirement Years Comfortably

Transcend will help you define how you want to retire, establish clear goals and incorporate this into your financial plan. We will customize a plan using a wide range of investments, continually reviewing your accounts to determine whether you are on track.

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Estate Planning

Securing a Bright Future

Transcend offers inheritance planning services to clients who want to make responsible arrangements for their estate. We are sensitive to the delicate nature of family relationships and our role can help to ensure that finances do not create unnecessary conflict among family members.

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Succession Planning

Keep Your Fair Share.

Tax management plays an important and often underestimated role in preserving your wealth over the long run. Our advanced tax planning is designed to take advantage of available deductions and tax credits to ensure that your financial affairs are organized in the most efficient manner, while monitoring changes in the tax environment and your financial picture.

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Helping You Help Others

Transcend helps families make a lasting impact on their communities and future generations through strategic philanthropy. If you wish to put your wealth to work in support of a charity or cause, we can be of assistance. We collaborate with you, your family and your specialists to identify, refine and evaluate the many charitable solutions available today.

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Next Generation

Multi Generational Support

Our experienced professionals help you to implement your inheritance arrangements and provide key family members with training and education in financial and family governance to help them transition into their new roles.

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Family Office

Bringing it All Together

If you have a complex financial situation involving multiple generations, companies, family trusts and diverse investment holdings, then you may need the comprehensive flexibility offered by a dedicated Family Office.

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