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Transcending Wealth Management

Investment platform is now bringing pay-for- performance to fixed-income space Last September, Provisus Wealth Management shook up the wealth management space with the launch of its Transcend platform. Responding to consumers’ frustrations that asset management in Canada was overpriced for everyday investors, the firm offered a pay-for- performance model within its equity pooled fund suite.… Read more »

Are Investment Fees for suckers?

Special to the Financial Independence Hub Providing a service costs money, but paying a fee deemed as an unnecessary amount has come under attack from consumers at all levels. Think banking fees, or the perception of “hidden fees” on phone bills to brokerage and investment fees. Consumers are demanding more value and in some cases… Read more »

5 common mistakes when working with an advisor

Special to the Financial Independence Hub Canadians are often faced with complex and nondescript investment products that can be overwhelming.  As such, most people need professional advice. With personal recommendations as one of the most common forms of referrals, selecting the right advisor should also be based on qualifications, fees that won’t gouge, and the advisors… Read more »

Advisors need to counter growing threat of robo-advisors

As new research shows robo-advisors are gaining traction among clients, advisors should find ways to use these tools as well as provide the unique services that set them apart.   As robo-advisors present a growing threat to traditional financial services firms, financial advisors should find ways of using these tools in their practices and focus… Read more »

Delegating for Success

Transcend President Chris Ambridge, CFA explains how advisors can lessen their workload but boost profits at the same time If an advisor were to rank their key responsibilities, keeping clients satisfied surely figures at the top of that list. It’s a priority that does not receive enough attention according to many in the profession, as… Read more »

This hybrid mutual fund model promises index-beating returns—at ETF prices

Chris Ambridge, president and Chief Investment Officer, Provisus Wealth Management. (Portrait by Erik Putz)   The mutual fund industry is on the brink of big change. Already losing business to low-fee exchange-traded funds and robo-advisers, it faces new fee disclosure rules in 2017. There’s even talk of a ban on trailer fees, an established way… Read more »

Providing Clients with Peace of Mind

Transcend Private Client was created by Provisus Wealth Management to offer Canadians flexible Wealth Management services. They are a financial planning firm that caters to a diverse range of clients and specialises in creating customised solutions that provide their clients with financial peace of mind. Transcend recently won the Most Outstanding Wealth Management Firm of… Read more »

Are performance-based fees better for investors? New disclosure rules have firms experimenting

As new disclosure rules give Canadian investors a clearer picture of how much they pay in fees, some financial services firms have begun experimenting with alternative arrangements in which their paydays are more closely linked to how well —  or poorly — their clients’ investments have performed. As opposed to the traditional percentage levied on… Read more »

New opportunities in robo-advisors

The investment industry is embracing and launching robo-advice platforms in one form or another Financial technology (fintech) – and robo-advice, in particular – may be disrupting the status quo in the financial services sector, but there are plenty of opportunities for financial advisors in using these technological innovations. Case in point: Toronto-based Glidepath Portfolio Services… Read more »

Three takes on cheap investing

Transcend’s take on performance-related fees highlights the need for investors to consider the tradeoffs they’re making in exchange for low costs. With ETFs, for example, the low fees only apply if you run your own portfolio and don’t incur the extra cost of having an adviser. Robo-advisers run a portfolio for you, but for the… Read more »

Yes, You Are Paying Fees on Your Investments with Chris Ambridge

This episode is all about fees, because even though it paying fees on investments may seem like a little thing…it’s not. Like my guest Chris Ambridge, president of Transcend Private Client, mentions in the episode, surprisingly 2/3 Canadians don’t know their paying fees. Reality-check people, you are paying fees! Everyone pays fees on investments. How… Read more »

Robo-advisers face new rival as the cheapest place to get investing advice

Robo-advisers have barely been around two years in Canada, but their run as the cheapest place to get investing advice is already being challenged. A new investment firm called Transcend is offering light financial planning and portfolios built using equity funds that have a very low fee of 0.25 per cent. On top of that,… Read more »

Fees can be such a drag: Wealth president on needed reporting reform

Mutual funds, despite being the investment vehicle of choice for millions of Canadians, are regularly underperforming – and fees are the culprit, says a wealth management president. Chris Ambridge of Provisus Wealth Management says that many low-fee options aren’t always what they seem, as reporting doesn’t take the drag from fees into account, and that… Read more »

Wikipedia: Pay-for-Performance (Investment)

Pay-for-performance (Investment) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A pay-for-performance fee structure, in relation to the investment industry, describes a fee that is paid to a financial advisor or investment manager when their performance returns exceed those of their designated benchmark. The performance fee is generally calculated as a percentage of the investment outperformance gained. The… Read more »

New pay-for-performance funds to offer investors something different

A new pay-for-performance structure has been introduced for pooled funds in Canada – and it’s putting a wealth management firm’s money where its mouth is. Provisus Wealth Management, which has been in business in Canada for over a decade, has launched a sister company named Transcend, which will offer a first-of-its kind performance structure. “The… Read more »

Transcend offers performance-based fee structure

Provisus Wealth Management has created a new company, Transcend Direct, which will charge clients fees according to the investment returns they earn. Transcend charges 20% on any amount that a portfolio beats its benchmark. Provisus announced the launch of Transcend Direct on May 3 and says its subsidiary will make money when client portfolios outperform… Read more »

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