Month: August 2016

Life Challenges

Transcend Private Client understands that everyone has multiple life goals, each with different time horizons. Maintaining your current lifestyle, even in retirement years, is, of course a priority. So is funding major expenses such as today’s vacation home or tomorrow’s university education for your children. We are here to help ensure that your plan accommodates life’s changes such as marriage or divorce; children or grandchildren; healthcare issues for you, your parents or other family members; changes in tax laws and other events that may occur and threaten the growth of your assets.

In any scenario, professional wealth structuring and planning will help you protect the safety and security of your assets, as well as your family’s financial confidentiality. It can also enhance your control over your financial position while facilitating the orderly succession of assets and minimization of tax exposure.

You never know what twists life will bring and having a committed team will pay dividends when you need to make a prudent decision at a time when you may not be in the best position to do so. Transcend is pleased to have the opportunity to be there when needed. Make Transcend Private Client your financial advisor and rest easy that help will be there when you need it.

Family Office

For certain families there comes a time when you may need to combine the separate facets of your personal and business life into one all-encompassing financial solution. If you have a complex financial situation involving multiple generations, companies, family trusts and diverse investment holdings, then you may need the comprehensive flexibility offered by a dedicated Family Office.


Transcend Private Client helps families address common concerns and personal challenges such as: handling multi generational planning by defining your family’s values and mission; clarifying roles and responsibilities so your family can make effective decisions together; navigating generational wealth transitions; and developing a plan that will not only transfer your wealth to your beneficiaries but will also be reassessed and updated with each generation.
Bringing together the diverse aspects of your family cannot be achieved by looking at the various pieces in isolation. We have experience creating custom solutions that require coordination with multiple third party experts, consolidated reporting and sophisticated, multi manager investment management. Our breadth of skill and knowledge can assist with monitoring and interpreting financial activities in order to maximize the benefits for your family’s complexity.

Next Generation

Advising families, sometimes over many generations, is a multifaceted task with great responsibility. Often Transcend Private Client is asked to devise innovative solutions for managing generational wealth or complex structures. Our experienced professionals help you to implement your inheritance arrangements. We offer your heirs our competent and discreet support.


Wealth should be a blessing. However it can also be a burden, particularly when parents look to pass wealth on to their children yet want them to understand the responsibility it entails. We know this because clients tell us this time and time again. Transcend is dedicated to educating your children about the financial solutions that you are arranging.


Transcend assists in the financial education of our younger clients. From money management to entrepreneurship, we provide support on many aspects of earning and managing wealth. And, most importantly, we pay attention to the inevitable responsibilities.


Preparing the next generation for the challenges and complexities they will face when they assume a leadership role in managing your family’s wealth is critical. We can provide key family members with training and education in financial and family governance to help them transition into their new roles.


It is human nature to want to improve the wellbeing of mankind. Philanthropy is the investment in a better future, be it through the giving of money or assets, large or small, the sharing of intellectual capital and expertise, or the provision of education to drive positive change for society and / or the environment. There are many worthy causes that need the assistance of conscientious individuals.


Transcend can show you some exciting opportunities for giving, the start of something good that will last for a very long time. Charitable foundations or donor advised funds are often the basis for supporting the cause of your choice. These vehicles provide a permanent solution that can benefit society as a whole. Philanthropic activities need professional support which Transcend Private Client is on hand to provide.
Transcend helps families make an enduring impact on their communities and future generations through strategic philanthropy. If you wish to put your wealth to work in support of a charity or cause, we can be of assistance. We collaborate with you, your family and your specialists to identify, refine and evaluate the many charitable solutions available today.

Succession Planning

You have worked hard to establish and grow your business. Transcend Private Client aims to help you to extend your legacy to future generations. Early preparation and honest conversations will set the groundwork for a smooth transition of your business.


Transcend can assist with the establishment of corporate and trust structures to maximize the return from the sale of your business for you and your family. We are able to assist you with income splitting strategies to minimize tax obligations. Our professionals will consolidate the investment requirements of your firm into your financial and investment plan to optimize tax savings where possible.


Whether you are fortunate enough to have a suitable successor to take over the reins of your business or if it makes more sense to sell your firm, we can help with the transition. It is important to ensure that you leave your business with sufficient funds for your retirement and our professionals can suggest investment structures to maximize your savings. We are sensitive to the delicate nature of family relationships and our role can help to ensure that the transition of your business does not create unnecessary conflict among family members.

Estate Planning

No one likes to plan for their death while still enjoying the best years of their lives. Experience shows, however, that when it comes to inheritance planning it is worth tackling potential problems as early as possible. Transcend Private Client begins by listening. Your financial needs change throughout your lifetime. We work with you to develop solutions that fit your life now and continue to grow and change as you do. We find experts or work with your legal specialists to ensure that your estate plan meets all of your legacy objectives.


Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging for the disposal of an estate by eliminating uncertainties over the administration of your estate and by reducing taxes and other expenses. It involves the creation of wills or trusts; designating beneficiaries and powers of appointment; terminating property ownership; or making gifts. In short, your estate plan should ensure that your beneficiaries get the assets you intend for them.


Preserving your assets for the benefit of future generations is not without its challenges. You may want to involve your family in the process without ceding overall control. Our team works with your family to ensure that your governance structure is clearly articulated and that all family members understand the present and future goals of the family, its wealth and its businesses.
Transcend offers inheritance planning services to clients who want to make responsible arrangements for their estate well in advance, particularly so as to avoid future conflicts between heirs. We are sensitive to the delicate nature of family relationships and our role can help to ensure that finances do not create unnecessary conflict among family members.

Retirement Preparation

Retirement planning means setting aside sufficient assets to obtain a steady retirement income and provide for the next generation. The goal of retirement planning is to achieve financial independence so that the need to be gainfully employed is an option rather than a necessity.


Transcend will help you define how you want to retire, establish clear goals and incorporate this information into your financial plan. Savings discipline will be established to ensure that you have enough to meet your goals. We will customize a plan using a wide range of investments. Of course, continually reviewing your accounts and re-evaluating your goals to determine whether or not you are on the right path are central to the process.
Retirement planning is a source of anxiety for many people and is especially challenging for those nearing retirement. The process of retirement planning aims to assess your readiness to retire given a desired retirement age and identify actions to improve your readiness to retire. Transcend will help you translate your priorities into a lifelong financial strategy that will give you the confidence that you will achieve your goals.


Well designed insurance solutions help manage the losses that can arise as a result of life’s unforeseen events. They can also offer tax advantages, enhance investment efficiency and provide significant estate planning benefits. Insurance can ensure continuity in your business, provide liquidity at a critical moment and open up opportunities for your heirs. Transcend Private Client can arrange for a licensed broker to work with you to evaluate your needs and recommend an appropriate strategy.


Choosing insurance can be tricky because the type of insurance coverage you need depends on your situation. All too often, insurance is treated as something separate from a total wealth plan, but incorporating the appropriate insurance strategies into your plan can help to protect you and your family against unanticipated risks.
Insurance solutions can help you at every stage of your financial life, whether your goals are wealth protection, liquidity creation, wealth accumulation or wealth transfer. The process for insurance planning is designed to help you determine what is best for you.

Tax Strategies

Transcend Private Client offers a broad range of tax consulting services. After all, tax management plays a key role in preserving and enhancing your wealth over the long run. It is important to know your way around today’s increasingly complex tax regulations.


Transcend Private Client looks to identify tax saving opportunities at an early stage. This allows sufficient time to establish appropriate tax efficient tools. Creating the appropriate tax structures will avoid unnecessary tax consequences in the future.
Advanced tax planning is designed to take advantage of available deductions and tax credits in order to ensure that your financial affairs are organized in the most tax efficient manner. The tax aspects of your wealth management and planning will be optimized while we monitor taxation developments and update your financial plan as changes arise.

Risk Management

Diversify, diversify, diversify! Most investors have heard this refrain dozens of times, yet when they think of diversification what often comes to mind are various investment products and asset classes. There are other aspects of diversification that are not widely known which Transcend Private Client can use to help you reduce overall risk and improve investment performance.


For example, investors face risk if they place all their eggs in one basket. When investments are heavily weighted to one investment manager’s philosophy and they err, performance will suffer. Even the best managers occasionally experience periods of poor performance. By using multiple managers as Transcend does, this risk is significantly reduced.


One of the basic principles of asset allocation is that you should approach diversification from many angles. Diversification is not only the division of assets among stocks and bonds or between large cap and small cap equities. By selecting the best asset classes of safe and liquid instruments based upon your requirements, your interests come first, as opposed to being lumped into a pool with people whose interests are different to your own.
Generally, our clients cannot afford the time to oversee the level of risk exposure in their investments. It is our role to implement your particular investment strategy and monitor its performance. You delegate this responsibility to us and our objective is to help ensure a healthy, rewarding and, most of all, a stable financial future for you and your family.