Change is in the air: 1 year anniversary of Pay-for-performance

We can’t believe it’s been a year since we launched Canada’s first pay-for-performance investment model. We listened to investors over the years and the message was clear: Canadians are tired of paying high investment costs that aren’t tied to results. So we responded to the overwhelming overpriced asset management landscape with our Transcend platform.

What is it?  Watch our video here.

Investors pay an extremely low base fee of 0.25% (this covers admin costs for various funds).  From there, if a fund performs better than the benchmark, a performance fee equal to 20% of the fund’s return above the benchmark is applied.  You pay one of the lowest fees on the market and nothing more until you see results.

Where is it going?

We’re proud to announce that on September 30 Transcend is launching a fixed income fund!

The past year has been a whirlwind and the response has been great.  We’re now moving into the fixed income space with the Provisus Multi-Strategy High Yield Fixed Income Fund. Continuing the belief that investors should only pay a nominal amount unless performance results dictate otherwise- our new fund will open up more earning possibilities for investors and will charge the same low pay-for-performance fee.

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