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Our all-in, low fixed fee is below the industry average for Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Robo-Advisors. No commissions. No hidden fees.



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Speak with one of our experienced portfolio managers and we will develop an investment portfolio and financial plan suited to your unique goals and objectives.



Pay-for-Performance™ Model
Keep returns on your hard-earned money, we only profit when your portfolio beats industry benchmarks. Sophisticated wealth management services designed to leave more money in your hands.

The Impact of Fees on Performance

This chart shows the average annual fees and their impact on investment performance for Equity Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Robo-advisors. This is illustrated by comparing their returns against a benchmark. The benchmark is a comparable measurement such as using the TSX for Canadian Equity Funds and ETF’s or the benchmark for U.S. Equities may be the S&P 500. These excessive fees have reduced clients’ performance hampering their ability to reach their financial goals. Recognizing the impact of fees on performance, Transcend offers a revolutionary platform. A client-friendly fee structure that charges much less in fixed costs while manager compensation is based on merit, not asset size, when delivering returns that outperform the market.

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The Transcend program, using the Provisus "O" Class Equity Funds, has a very low fee of 0.25% to cover administrative and sundry costs. We believe that paying for investment management should be linked to the quality of performance achieved. The portfolio manager only earns their fee, shown here as -0.58%, when these funds outperform their benchmark, shown here as a gross outperformance before fees of 2.33%. After fees, the outperformance is 1.75%. Using the Pay-For-Performance fee structure, clients will pay less in fees and/or receive investment returns that outperform their benchmarks.


Even relatively low cost ETFs which are designed to mirror a benchmark tend to underperform that benchmark. That performance lag can be tied to the level of fees, trading and rebalancing costs of 0.32%, and any potential cash balancing drag of 0.42%. This analysis does not include the negative impact of brokerage costs to buy and sell, and potential custodian or registration fees. We see here that ETF investors underperform the market benchmark by -0.74%.

Robo Advisor

A relatively new entrant to the low cost investment market are Robo-advisors which add their own costs (0.63%) beyond the costs of using ETFs (0.32%) and cash balancing drag (0.42%). All investors should consider these costs and performance drags when deciding where to invest.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are paid management fees as well as administrative costs and custodial fees. They also charge clients for trading, legal, auditor and other operational expenses. For this example, these fees have been added up (2.26%) to illustrate the average true cost of investing during the last 5 years for Equity Mutual Funds. Additionally, they have underperformed their respective benchmarks on average due to the negative impact of trading, rebalancing costs and the drag between when cash is received and invested (0.11%). These burdensome costs are a drag on performance by -2.37% resulting in underperformance relative to their benchmark for mutual funds as a whole.

What is Transcend?

We set out to revolutionize the Canadian financial services industry by providing an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability. We’re shifting power back to investors by aligning our success with yours. Transcend is about combining the power of technology with the guidance of experienced professional financial advisors - because robots don’t understand your unique financial goals...not yet at least.

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  • “…it’s putting a wealth management firm’s money where its mouth is.”

    Wealth Professional

  • “When funds do not perform better than the market, clients will pay fees similar to traditional ETFs…”


  • “…lower costs than the traditional financial industry.”

    The Globe & Mail

  • “…a response to the financial services industry's new regulatory and technological environment.”

    Investment Executive

  • “…the platform will appeal to investors who want more fee transparency.”

    The Insurance & Investment Journal

  • “…something different to offer Canadian investors who are tired of paying high investment costs without high returns.”


  • "The future of funds"

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  • "...only charges fees when a portfolio outdoes an industry benchmark"

    National Post

Our Learning Centre

In keeping with our mission of complete investment transparency, we’ve developed a comprehensive knowledge base. The Learning Centre will help you become better equipped for your financial journey and the important decisions you will make along the way. We have various resources for you to explore including our Glossary, FAQ section, informational videos, blogs, and more.

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What Transcend Offers


  • Core financial plan
  • Fees based on Pay-for-Performance
  • Tax efficiency
  • Commitment to superior returns


Transcend Direct, plus:

  • Customized financial plan
  • Net worth tracking analysis
  • Monitoring progress
  • Expense summary
  • Retirement preparation analysis
  • Private client benefits
  • Annual review with a financial planner


Includes Direct & Plus, plus:

  • Comprehensive financial plan
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement preparation
  • Sophisticated tax strategies
  • Philanthropy support
  • Multi-generational guidance
  • Insurance support
  • Semi-annual review

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  • "The Transcend program consolidates my investment program and my financial plan into one...seamlessly. Working with my advisor, I can easily see how I am progressing towards my financial goals with clear, concise quarterly reporting."

    D.M. – Ontario

  • "I moved my investments to Transcend just over a year ago. I have found them great to deal with and make things easy to understand. There reports are particularly informative and fees charged are fair. I have been investing for 25 years I have found them to be the best I have ever dealt with."

    P.C. – British Columbia

  • "I have been a client of Transcend for three years. The format is very flexible and really allows customization of my various accounts. My accounts have performed quite well in the formats that I have selected in view of market conditions. Transcend gives me the tax efficiency and tax planning capability which I have found lacking in other formats. Reporting on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis gives me a complete picture of my overall portfolio and simplifies income tax preparations. Account service has been excellent when I have made changes to my portfolios."

    R.T. – Alberta

  • “I have confidence in the Provisus equity managed portfolio style, based on your past returns and your willingness to offer low management fees, increasing only to the extent you manage to outperform industry benchmarks. This impresses me as a true “payment for performance” model.”

    A.K. – Ontario

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